Clover Bakery Website


Conceptual project to redesign a bakery website.


The Problem

The current branding and website need a visual refresh to help showcase the bakery in a more modern and appealing way.

My Role

Sole designer for the entire project.


Analysis of current website & branding

The visual design of the current website is lacking a cohesive visual design and site architecture. The website layout is inconsistent, some of the links don't work, and the imagery isn't showing the bakery in the best light.

Updated logo & style guide

To start, I created a new logo, going through few iterations and ideas. The final logo was based

on the Japanese Kamon symbols to incorporate an element of Japanese culture.

I selected Asian-inspired fonts, PingFang HK and HanziPen SC. HanziPen SC adds a bit of the whimsy that's apparent in the original website.

The color palette incorporates clover and colors inspired by baked goods.

Logo iterations2
Logo iterations2

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Style guide2
Style guide2

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Logo iterations2
Logo iterations2

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Redesigned home page

The new home page features more information, larger graphics, social media links, and more prominent call-to-action buttons. I wanted to retain the playfulness of the original site, so I incorporated the clover graphics and the heart shapes of the clover leaves.

Clover 8 (Home1).png
Redesigned menu page

The redesigned menu page is cleanly formatted and organized by menu item type, which is easier to read and more appealing visually.

Clover 8 (Menu).png
Redesigned cakes and "about us" pages
Clover 8 (Cakes).png

The original cakes page made the customer do a lot of work to figure out the cost of the cake. The redesigned page takes the guesswork out and displays the options in two clear tables, with flavor options listed below.

Clover 8 (About).png

The About Us page highlights the bakery's contributions to the community along with the location and hours.