Hello, I'm Diana.

UX designer / writer

I'm driven to understand users and improve their day-to-day lives through thoughtful and intuitive design.


I like to challenge assumptions, test, and iterate designs to get to the best solution for users while considering business goals and technical constraints.


I have a diverse background in tech, starting as head of customer operations at an e-commerce startup and moving into a marketing role before pivoting into UX. I was the liason to product teams and served as Voice of the Customer. I enjoy learning from observing and interacting with users. I've worked on multiple projects seen by users at major Wall Street banks - Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, etc. Currently I'm consulting with small companies and startups on improving their UX and website designs.

I'm a lifetime learner, and I'm usually engaged in an online or local class. I'm currently enrolled to wrap up a BS in Business which should be done in 2020. I'm a left/right brain thinker with a diverse set of interests which has led me to try different things in my career. I thrive in generalist roles and love solving complex problems. I also love writing and sharing knowledge.

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